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War and Militarism in African History

War and Militarism in African History is the first book series dedicated to examining the politico-economic, sociocultural, and military dimensions of Africa’s past and continuing conflicts. While armed combat and other forms of violence are part of the social experience of large segments of the continent’s population, little of the scholarship published today recognizes the deep roots of these contemporary conflicts or describes them in the larger context in which they occur. In contrast, WMAH seeks works by scholars employing war-and-society approaches, in which the study of developments on the battlefield is interwoven with broader social trends and dynamics. The series also welcomes works that historicize militarism, or antimilitarist movements, as a corrective to the presentism that now prevails in the field.

The series will include monographs, broad syntheses with teaching potential at the graduate or undergraduate levels, and edited collections by both emerging and established scholars. WMAH also aspires to bridge the gap between scholarly readers and nonspecialists in the field.

The series editors particularly encourage submissions from Africa-based scholars, whose voices too often go unheard for lack of publishing opportunities. One of the driving objectives of WMAH is to address this imbalance.

Manuscripts should be between 80,000 and 120,000 words.

Please send inquiries regarding proposals to Ricky S. Huard, acquisitions editor, at See the Ohio University Press submissions page for proposal guidelines:

Editorial Advisory Board
Saheed Aderinto, associate professor of history, Western Carolina University
David M. Gordon, professor of history, Bowdoin College
Michelle R. Moyd, associate professor of history, Indiana University
Richard J. Reid, professor of African history, University of Oxford
Elizabeth Schmidt, professor of history, Loyola University Maryland
Pamela Scully, professor of WGSS and African studies, Emory University
William K. Storey, professor of history, Millsaps College
Luise White, professor of history, University of Florida


Alicia C. Decker
associate professor of WGSS and African studies
The Pennsylvania State University

Giacomo Macola
reader in African history
Sapienza Università di Roma

Cover of 'Militarizing Marriage'

Militarizing Marriage
West African Soldiers’ Conjugal Traditions in Modern French Empire
By Sarah J. Zimmerman

By prioritizing women and conjugality in the historiography of African colonial soldiers, Militarizing Marriage historicizes how the subjugation of women was indispensable to military conquest and colonial rule across French Empire.

Military History · History | Africa | West · French History · Women’s Studies · African Studies · Social Science | Sociology | Marriage & Family