G. William Quatman

G. William Quatman is an architect and attorney in Kansas City, Missouri, and the author of several books and articles on the legal aspects of design and construction. This is his first historical biography.

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A Young General and the Fall of Richmond · The Life and Career of Godfrey Weitzel
By G. William Quatman

Despite his military achievements and his association with many of the great names of American history, Godfrey Weitzel (1835–1884) is perhaps the least known of all the Union generals. After graduating from West Point, Weitzel, a German immigrant from Cincinnati, was assigned to the Army Corps of Engineers in New Orleans.

“Godfrey Weitzel’s professional growth from a fortification engineer to successful corps commander and his significant relationships with Generals Benjamin Butler and Ulysses S. Grant, Admiral David Farragut, and President Abraham Lincoln, all add interest to the story of the youngest corps commander in the Civil War.”

Joseph C. Fitzharris, editor of Patton’s Fighting Bridge Builders: Company B, 1303rd Engineer General Service Regiment