The press accepts poetry submissions only through the Hollis Summers Poetry Prize competition. If you’d like to submit your manuscript, please see Hollis Summers Poetry Prize for more information.

Submitting a Book Proposal

We request that you not submit your complete manuscript unless an editor has invited you to do so.

Your proposal should include a cover letter that includes a narrative description (2–4 typescript pages) of the proposed book’s content and scope. It should answer the following questions:

  • What is the rationale for publishing by the Ohio University Press? 
  • What is the contribution of your proposed book to the field?
  • How does it engage with the extant literature or fill a gap in that literature?
  • What are three competing books in the field? How does your work compare with other literature on the subject?
  • What distinguishes your work from these works?   
  • To what audience is your work addressed?
  • Is the book under consideration with another press?
  • Has any portion of the book been previously published? If so, where?
  • Is this book based on a dissertation? If so, is it under embargo?

Your proposal should also include:

  1. A table of contents
  2. A sample chapter, or two
  3. The anticipated length of the manuscript
  4. The anticipated date of completion (if still a work-in-progress)
  5. An up-to-date copy of your curriculum vitae

Please send proposals related to Appalachian studies to Tyler Balli at [email protected]. All other submissions should be sent to editor in chief Rick Huard at [email protected].