Ohio University Press First Book Fund

It is no secret that the playing field is not level for all scholars. Many scholars, especially those early in their careers, are severely challenged in getting their work published by a reputable press. Many lack access to publication support and research funding that is available to those who are already established at major institutions. However, first-time authors are often pioneers in history, anthropology, political science, global health, environmental science, and other disciplines crucial to understanding the critical issues of our time. The Ohio University Press First Book Fund sets out to make the process more equitable for African and Appalachian scholars as they seek to publish their first books. 

The fund can be used for any aspect of the revision and publication process, such as manuscript workshopping sessions with major scholars in the field, publicity efforts to strengthen the profile and reach of books by funded authors, or editing and production expenses.

Recent books made possible by First Book Fund donors include: