Gayle A. Pritchard

Ohio native Gayle A. Pritchard is a fiber artist, curator, lecturer, and teacher. Her public commissions include The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Quilt Project, the Smithsonian Craft Archives in Washington, D.C., and the opening for the Peter B. Lewis building in Cleveland, Ohio. Learn more about Gayle Pritchard at

Listed in: Ohio and Regional · Textile Arts

Photo of Gayle A. Pritchard

Uncommon Threads · Ohio's Art Quilt Revolution
By Gayle A. Pritchard

Gayle A. Pritchard’s compelling narrative threads its way through the emergence of the art quilt, from artists working in isolation to the explosive “big bang” of the first Quilt National exhibition and its inevitable reverberations.

“Through these small biographies and beautiful illustrations, it is possible to learn how access to art education in Ohio catalyzed interest in the arts which resulted in the use of textiles to express views of modern society.... By the 1980s Ohio had established itself as a geographic center for this type of artistry.”

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