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Ahmad Alawad Sikainga

Ahmad Alawad Sikainga teaches history at the College of Staten Island, 715 Ocean Terrace, Staten Island, NY 10301.

Listed in: African Studies · African History · Sudan

Cover of 'The Western Bahr Al Ghazal under British Rule, 1898–1956'

The Western Bahr Al Ghazal under British Rule, 1898–1956
By Ahmad Alawad Sikainga

Western Bahr al-Ghazal is perhaps one of the least known places in Africa. Yet this remote part of the Republic of Sudan can be regarded as a historical barometer, registering major developments in the history of the Nile valley. In the nineteenth century the region became one of the most active slave-exporting zones in Africa. The area is distinguished from the rest of southern Sudan by its veneer of Muslim influence and an Arabic pidgin.

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