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Eva Evers Rosander

Eva Evers Rosander is senior research fellow in social anthropology at the Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala, Sweden. Her main scholarly interests are Islam, gender and development, currently with a focus on Senegal. She has done extensive field work in Morocco and Ceuta and is the author of Women in a Borderland: Managing Muslim identity where Morocco meets Spain (1991).

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Cover of 'African Islam and Islam in Africa'

African Islam and Islam in Africa
Encounters between Sufis and Islamists
Edited by Eva Evers Rosander and David Westerlund

This interdisciplinary book focuses primarily on Sufism (“African Islam”), Islamism (“Islam in Africa”) and, in particular, on the interaction between these different forms of Islam. Previously, much interest has been concentrated on the critical Islamist views of Western or Western–influenced ideas and patterns of life, while the intra–Muslim relationship between Sufis and Islamists has attracted less attention.Some

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