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H. R. Coursen

H.R. Coursen is Director of Education in Northeastern US for the Shakespeare Globe Centre (London) and teaches at the University of Maine, Augusta. His most recent critical work is Reading Shakespeare on Stage (University of Delaware Press, 1995).

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Cover of 'Shakespeare in Production'

Shakespeare in Production
Whose History?
By H. R. Coursen

Shakespeare in Production examines a number of plays in context. Included are the 1936 Romeo and Juliet, unpopular with critics of filmed Shakespeare, but very much a “photoplay” if its time; the opening sequences of filmed Hamlets which span more than seventy years; The Comedy of Errors on television, where production of this script is almost impossible; and the Branagh Much Ado About Nothing, a “popular” film discussed in the context of comedy as a genre.In

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