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John David Smith

A distinguished professor of history at North Carolina State University, John David Smith has enjoyed many scholarly honors and awards. His recent books include Black Judas: William Hannibal Thomas and The American Negro, Black Soldiers in Blue: African American Troops in the Civil War Era, and The Civil War and Reconstruction: A Documentary History (forthcoming).

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Listed in: History · American History · African American Studies

Cover of 'The Negro in the American Rebellion'

The Negro in the American Rebellion
His Heroism and His Fidelity
By William Wells Brown
· Edited by John David Smith

In 1863, as the Civil War raged, the escaped slave, abolitionist, and novelist William Wells Brown identified two groups most harmful to his race. “The first and most relentless,” he explained, “are those who have done them the greatest injury, by being instrumental in their enslavement and consequent degradation.

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